How To Create Your Own Puzzle In Bulk

I love giving gifts, but just picking something off the store shelf doesn’t give me the feeling that I’ve picked out something memorable for the gift receiver. This is why I love personalized products! When Facebook you take an ordinary product and turn it into something that will not only create and preserve memories for the gift receiver, but will also touch their heart, you know you have picked the perfect present.

Flickr is a registered trademark of Yahoo, Inc. Twitter is a registered trademark of Twitter, Inc. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. Custom puzzle-making begins with a conversation. Clients and I discuss how they would like a puzzle personalized with a photo, colors, words, and shapes. Each of my puzzles is then handmade by me, using a three-day process of printing, wood prep, lamination, design, cutting, and finishing.

This year I ordered a puzzle from Zazzle with a family picture from the 1970s. So, we have a personalized puzzle for our National Puzzle Day celebration. A pretty extensive list of National “days” online. – Some people make websites to help you celebrate National days. The good old stand-by, the jigsaw puzzle for National Puzzle Day. – We worked this puzzle the week after Christmas in 2000.

We all love decorating Christmas tree but what if you are on the go and cannot make it on time to decorate your own tree? You can download the Christmas Tree Maker app available for free for iPhone and Android users. Now wherever you are, you still won’t miss out on decorating the tree as per your desire. Lights, gifts, balls, strings, angels, ornaments, and other traditional decorations are all available with just one tap.

If you’re an independent artist or photographer – or both – creating the piece or developing the picture and delivering to your client doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Sure you could wait for them to come back to you for another job, but maybe you can bring them back by showing them how a picture or work of art can take another form, like jigsaw puzzles. If jigsaw puzzling is new to you, I would suggest beginning with puzzles which are very colorful.

Have you been looking for something fun to do with the pictures that you have a laying around? Well I recently had the chance to use a company called Piczzle to makes a picture puzzle so I chose a picture of my ex sister in law her husband and their son who passed away as a memory for them. She really liked it so much that it brought tears to her eyes and to be able to give a gift to somebody like that is so special.

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